Exigo App Privacy Policy

Introduction and Definition

This Privacy Policy sets out how we, Exigo Pty Ltd, use and protect your personal data that you provide to us, or that is otherwise obtained or generated by us, in connection with your use of the Exigo App (the “Service”). For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refers to the Exigo App, and ‘you’ refers to you, the user of the Service.
CAMS is the Claim Assessing and Management System hosted at https://claims.exigo.com.au/.

Requirement to Log In

The Service is designed to be used only by Exigo staff and contractors. In order to send notes and data to CAMS you need a CAMS login (username and password). If you do not already have a CAMS login please contact us. You cannot create a CAMS account yourself.

Use of Call Log and Contact Data

The Service collects your phone’s call log and your contacts data to build a list of incoming and outgoing calls. The data includes:

  • The phone number calling or being called
  • The name of the contact associated with that phone number (if any)
  • The date and time the call was made or received
  • The duration of the call
  • Whether the call was incoming or outgoing

This data is stored locally on your device and never leaves your device without your explicit permission.

Sending Data to CAMS

When you tap a call in the list the call log and contact data is used to populate a call logging form. The data visible in the form is exactly what is sent to CAMS. You have the option to edit or redact the data before sending it to CAMS. You may also add notes or comments.

When the form is submitted, the data is sent to CAMS, hosted at https://claims.exigo.com.au/. The data is stored and used in accordance with Exigo’s privacy policy.

Data Sharing, Visibility and Retention

Data submitted using the Service is handled in accordance with Exigo’s privacy policy. Data submitted to a job can be viewed by logging into CAMS and opening the relevant job. The data is visible to all relevant users of CAMS, not just you. You can login to CAMS at https://claims.exigo.com.au/ using your CAMS username and password.

Depending on your CAMS account permissions, and the state of the job, you may or may not be able to edit or delete the information you submit using the Service. Data can be edited or deleted by a system administrator upon request.

If you do not have access to CAMS and would like to know what information we hold about you, or would like to request that information be updated or deleted, please contact us.

Service Permissions

The Service will ask for permission to access your call log and contact data. You may revoke these permissions using Android’s system controls. You can still use the Service without granting these permissions, but you won’t see a list of calls to log. You will only be able to enter claim notes and tracking lines manually.

Policy Updates

This privacy policy will be updated as needed so that it is accurate, current, and clear.

Contact Us

If you have questions about this Privacy Policy please contact us.